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Affectionate( sweet names)

The audios is available here episode 4


In Russian culture is very common to change the name of a friend, family member to make it ¨soft¨. Some of your friends can pick a specific name, that seems to them be suiting you most of all. To be honest we barely call people we know using their name as it is in ID. It is used only for polite or business conversations, let s say at work or in an institution.

For example, my name is Екатерина (full name). And this is how my friends and family calls me.

Катя, Катюша, Катька, Кети, Катюха, Катрин, Кэт, Катюшка, Катерина, Катюхин Etc

I will teach you the common ways of making the tender name as per mood and situation.

Unfortunately, there is now thumb tumb rule for each and every name as all of them follow the rules of genders and groups within gender as per ending. But you can notice certain suffixes. Or you can find easily on the internet how to call your russian friend in a different ways. Or just leave a comment and i will answer to you with a row of names-forms.

Lets start with male names. First I will explain to use the mood of each version and then we will try to see how it works for similar names.

Сергей(normal) – Серега (when he is a true buddy)- Сережа(when you are a girl and like him) – Серый (street way to call a buddy)– Серег(short name, when you ask him something, question or favour) – Сережка(cheerful, very sweet, childish)

Let´s compare two male names:

Сергей – Алексей

Серега- Леха

Сережа- Алеша (Леша)

Серег – Леш


And two female names:



Олечка – Танечка

Ольчик – Таньчик

Оля – Таня


What is this short name for? It is a kind of saving the time, when you want to ask a question.

For example:

Наташа is full name

Наташ, давай пойдем в кино сегодня? Natasha, lets go to the cinema today

So this short name can stand in the beginning of sentence or end of short sentence. Mostly, in the beginning.

Я поняла, Наташ. I got you, Natasha.

You can practice with your own name or name of a Russian person you know. Leave a comment with your list of variations and i will tell you if you were correct.