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Good, Bad and Ugly.

The audio is available here.

Episode 7



Today we learn the answers to how are you question. lets start with all the words first. maybe you already know some of them. from most positive answer. all the way to the worst.

лучше не бывает!




ничего так




так себе

не очень




well, we dont consider any swear words. for that i will have to make a separate episode. in fact a lot of people speak like that, yes, they might use a swear word to answer how are you question even when nothing bad has happened and they are happy or excited. for slang answers i shall record another episode too.

лучше не бывает! – cant be better

отлично! excellent

прекрасно! fine great

хорошо! good

ничего так not bad

нормально normal

ничего nothing special

пойдет it is ok

так себе so-so

не очень not really good

плохо bad

очень плохо very bad

ужасно terrible

кошмар nightmare

russians may use the word вообще – to emphasize or generalize something.

for example

вообще отлично really excellent

but mostly in in the end with bad answers

не очень вообще not really good honestly

плохо вообще, кошмар вообще

sometimes positive words with вообще turn to be ironic. for example

отлично вообще really/ great

also we use the conjunction да in the beginning. yes, it is the same word ДА for yes. but in this case there is not accent on it and it has a different meaning and function.

it is a connection, to enter the sentence nicely. listen to the intonation.

да пойдет

да нормально

да ужасно!

we barely use да with positive answers.

the answer can combine different elements

да кошмар вообще!