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Pronouns: I, you, he,she it…

The audio is available here I can Speak Russian podcast

Episode 11


We finally dive into the language. We begin learning the basics – pronouns and verb forms in present tense. So you can apply it immediately in conversational Russian

Let´s learn first pronouns.

I – Я

You – Ты – right, here we have a letter that doesn´t exist in english. It is like i but pronounced with completely relaxed mouth and tongue. Say now i and now stop stretching lips and don´t press the tongue. Loose it. And we get instead of I ыыыыыы. repear after me, try to sound like a vacuum cleaner. ыыыыыыыыы

you ТЫ .

You polite (for older people, strangers , oficials and someone higher in their position at work) Вы

and plural, meaning you, a group pf people) – Вы.

We – Мы

so the first group i, you, we – я, ты, вы, мы

the second group – he,she, it, they also has similar sounding: он, она, оно, они

He – Он.

She –Она

It –Оно. Here I shall give more details – in russian the pronoun Оно is used not like in english. that is a different subject .we will come back to it another time. Оно is neuter gender. Meaning there are some words that have neuter gender. for example: море (sea), пальто (coat), полотенце (towel)

They – Они.

and again all of them, one by one,

я, ты,вы,мы,


Let´s add few more words .

yes – да, it is a simple word,

no – нет.

this is – это. the same word for that is, those are. – это.again это.

lets make primitive sentences to check if you remembered the pronouns and we will be using them anyway pretty soon with verbs

это ты? да, это я.

это Петя? нет, это не он.

это она!

это не мы, это они!

Это Вы на фото? Нет, это не я.