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And what about you?

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episode 8


You might say ¨enough !how long for gods sake we can learn the greetings. let us move to Russian itself. I want to speak already!¨ and you are right.
Ok. To ask ¨and how are you?/ and you?¨ we need to look at the initial question. for example,

как вы поживаете? – а вы? do you remember, it means how do you live? so we ask ¨and you?¨

как вы поживаете? – а вы?

как ты поживаешь? – а ты?

or another example

как вы – а вы

как ты – а ты?

как дела – the most common how are you is a short form of

как у вас дела? polite

как у тебя дела? informal

what is this у вас, у тебя?

here we go! we are coming to the language you asked for!

in russian we dont say I have. we say at me ok, that sounds weird when i translate it. but the

question как у вас дела literally means how is your business, business you have?

so to ask back and how is your business we shall use the same structure. we cant say and you. we shall say “and yours, at you?”

lets listen to it in russian

как у вас дела? – а у вас?

do you hear the repetition?

как у вас дела? – а у вас?

как у тебя дела? – а у тебя?

now.the short form all russians use every day still uses the same answer. so we get

как дела? – а у вас?

как дела? – а у тебя?

so how to understand, should i ask а у вас? or а у тебя?

basically you know if the person is talking to you вы formally, then you say а у вас

if it is a friend or someone of the same age or younger than you,then you say а у тебя

so the first one was

а вы?

а ты?


а у вас?

а у тебя?

there is the question

как ваше ничего? we talked about it in another article. now when it is a question-back,we shall put А at the beginning of the sentence.

and our question will be

а как ваше ничего? you cant repeat if you want to ask back.

it cannot be как ваше ничего – а как ваше ничего? it sounds poor. that is a special question that

people use only once per dialogue.

it will be как поживаете-хорошо.а как ваше ничего?

in general in russian language we avoid repetitions. such as to promise promises. so even in a conversational russian naturally we will try to ask the question back differently from how it was asked. it means you cant hear dialogue like this

как дела – хорошо – как дела?

that is why there are some extra questions we may use.

for example

а что у вас? and what you have? we can change the word order

а у вас что? formal. do you remember – а у вас? а у вас что?

а у тебя что?informal –

а что у вас?

а что у тебя?

there is also an informal question как сам literally means ¨how yourself?¨.

а как сам
– male

а как сама – female.

well, yes, we are discovering today a bit of grammar.

lets repeat

а как сам

а как сама

i would say it is sort of cold question back. but i hear a lot of people use it.

i prefer а как ты? а у тебя? or to ask another question with A in the beginning.а как ты? а как ты поживаешь? а как ты там?


LEts repeat todays words.

а вы?

а ты?

а у вас?

а у тебя?

а что у вас?

а что у тебя?

а как сам

а как сама

Thank you so much!

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